Hello. I’m Marc Amesse; husband, father, photographer, and observer of love and light. I live in a small town on the Central Coast of California. When my wife and I aren’t driving our kids to school, soccer practice, dance, cheer practice, school dances, birthday parties, 4H meetings, etc., my family and I spend our free time (usually Sunday) together going to church, hiking, mountain biking, body surfing, enjoying time at home, reading, playing with our dog, watching movies, and me drinking coffee and making cinnamon rolls. We live busy lives and I wouldn’t change a thing.

For alone time, give me a camera, a campfire, somewhere remote and wild and I am living the dream. I love being outside.

My job as a wedding photographer is to produce great images and to help my clients feel comfortable, confident, and secure. Together we develop a plan and a relationship prior to your wedding that allows you to simply enjoy the best day of your life.

Thank you for visiting my site. Take a look around then send me an email or give a call. I’m always happy to talk, answer questions, or help in anyway I am able.



Life is a big adventure.